Storage from Off Peak Usage in Peak

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Re: Storage from Off Peak Usage in Peak

Postby davidg » Fri Jul 05, 2013 9:16 pm

Majik wrote:I expect research would have established the facts. Surely someone has done the research. Question is: where can we find the research report? It would be interesting to see.

It's pretty new on the grid and not been considered seriously at a small scale for research. No big money in it. Any small scale concept has never been conducted because it takes a long time, years. For that reason it has not been consider necessary until recently and only because "radicals" are the ones doing it, what do you think utilities think of it? Answer they hate it, does not make them any moola, it costs them revenue.

Understanding the issues involved in a system that is virtually seamless and just works is not easy, it is a balance of money spent to money saved it has a long ROI. The DOD regardless of battery technology is very important to get right so is size of bank etc.

It is not cheap to do, get it wrong and it will cost you more than just staying on the grid, but it is changing very slowly.

I'll have a real site (client) and test system soon, we are waiting for the cells from china, coming by ship, so it will be a little while yet. Solar boosted solution using 120V in LiFePO4 and a 7.5kW inverter/charger, should be interesting it will take a few of days to "tune" battery use, time frames etc to suit the gird and when and what might be needed based on use. Each site is different you cannot just set it up and walk away.

Nothing like remote access for fine tuning, and monitoring.
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Re: Storage from Off Peak Usage in Peak

Postby Majik » Sat Jul 06, 2013 10:50 am

davidg, I do understand the money motives, or lack of motive.
What you are planning to do sounds quite interesting. Because it will take you some time to get results I do hope I do not miss out on learning what you find out. You can get info to me via my website. Wish you well with it.
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