Bed sheets made from Eucalyptus trees

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Bed sheets made from Eucalyptus trees

Postby EnergyMatters » Fri Nov 13, 2009 10:29 am

All hail the Aussie Eucalypt!

While gum trees aren't real popular in some parts of the USA as they are considered invasive, eucalypts starting to be recognised over there for their many uses aside from oil.

Here's an interesting application - using the fiber for bed sheets.

According to Valley Forge Fabrics non-toxic solvents are used for converting the pulp to fiber and most of the solvent is recovered. They say the fiber yield is ten times higher than with conventional cotton.

When a eucalyptus tree is cut for the purpose of making the sheets, 40% of the tree becomes pulp, 20 percent becomes vinegar (?) and artificial sweeteners. The remaining wood is burned and converted to electricity to power the factory making the sheets.

Anyone know of any Aussie companies making these sorts of sheets? If there aren't any, it's a bit of a pity the Americans got the drop on us with this! :mrgreen:
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