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Re: Product Review - Wattson

Postby malc » Sun Sep 04, 2011 8:48 pm

Have had a Wattson for some time now and is also connected to our PV. Works reasonably well although not that infrequently goes "off the rails" and shows we are using a lot of energy when we are using our least or actually feeding power into the grid.
A power cycle is required on the transmitter in the switchboard and then all is OK.
Also the Holmes software requires some fixes to add kWhr costs for renewables. The charging time scales are not able to cope with multi daily tarrifs and off-peak over the weekend. As I am not using it to track costs I am not so concerned.
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Re: Product Review - Wattson

Postby bazzle » Thu Oct 20, 2011 7:45 am

I have had a few issues with my Wattson that I had to resolve myself. The help desk was far from helpful.
The Wattson would freeze IF it was left connected tp the PC and the Holmes program was open. If you shut Holmes issue is subtantially reduced.
I stopped using Powometer as there site has now gone.

To fix the Wattson after a Freeze I installed a NC pushbutton on the Wattson to open the batt cct so it would reset without having to wait 3 days to flatten the batt..

Also it doesnt do real time monitioring so I have been investigating other options.
I have just removed the Wattson and installed a Flukso meter.
This is very similar but does real time recording by wireless or LAN back thru the home wireless network.
You can see the outputs from any PC at home or on the Web realtime.

Worth a look imo.

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Re: Product Review - Wattson

Postby zzsstt » Thu Oct 20, 2011 8:09 am

Does the Flukso work locally, or is it only a web based system? From the brief look I had (busy!) it appears to be another web based one. Which is great if you can rely on the web being there, and if you can rely on the company still being there (Powometer has gone?).

Personally, if it doesn't work on my home computer with no outside help, I regard that as a massive failing! When they've made all the easy sales and the income stream has dried up, but the cost of web hosting etc. is still there, what is the motivation for the company to keep going? This is why wattson has no useful help nor any ongoing development.........
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