QBE Insurance - We have you covered !

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QBE Insurance - We have you covered !

Postby The Finger » Wed Jun 16, 2010 10:11 am

So you are are happily self-employed and loving your work.
You've done everything right and you have "Public Liability Insurance" and "Product Liability Insurance".
You have even thought that you need to protect your family and take out "Accident and Illness Insurance"

So your right on top of it all and you consider your business is as safe as you can make it..

WELL -- Let me warn you -- After many years of having such insurance with QBE insurance, I was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer.. In accordance with the fine-print - I notified them of the diagnosis, and the instant response was to cancel my "Accident and Illness" insurance.

The stupidity of the situation is that thousands of guys find themselves with PC.
AND - most are completely cured and go on to live normal lives, just as I will.

Had I said nothing and had the BIG operation , and then claimed for the few weeks of "Loss of income", then they would have said "When were you diagnosed - Why did you not advise us - We reject your claim because of your failure to disclose a specified illness " ( There is almost always many months between diagnosis and treatment for PC )

The irony is that the most common "Accident/Illness" policies have a typical exclusion period of two weeks.
ie.. Two weeks before you can make a claim.... ! :lol:
Had I been able to claim, I would likely have only had a period of four weeks off work.
Two weeks unpaid and two weeks paid at an extravagant amount of $250 per week.
That is the equivalent of the pension, and after years of cover, they ditched me when I needed them for the first time !
QBE Insurance wiped me for a miserable risk of paying me $500...... :o

The real irony came, when I was then contacted and asked if I would like to renew the cover with QBE Insurance, but with the EXCLUSION of any cover for Prostate Cancer -- What bastards they can be !
"We still want your money but can't possibly accept any risk"

I naturally said that I will NEVER have anything to do with QBE Insurance again, and will happily pay anything to get insurance from another insurer.
No CTP, No Home Cover, not even my CAT....

The final irony came -- When the Insurance agent finally said well what can we do to help you (ie - take your money) - and I said I want nothing to do with QBE, they said - well VERO is actually cheaper !!
The Insurance agent was happy to supply a dearer product, when I was trusting them to "Look after me" !

Cop-That .. young Harry !

So - If you are happily self-employed and you think that "Accident and Illness" insurance will provide you with family protection, do read the fine print that requires you to advise them if Flatulence causes you problems. ;)
As a final note and as a repeat warning to ALL you guys out there.......
Yesterday I was told of a 55yo who died from PC.. .. ..
By the time he was tested, it was too late. It had already escaped the prostate.

I can't keep my mouth shut about PC, and I warn EVERYONE, of the risk to men..
This is WORSE than Breast Cancer for women.... They can have a Xray to check !

From a great deal of investigations that most sufferers go through, I can warn all men that they should be having PSA tests from a minimum of age 40.
If you find that you do have a reading, then DO NOT accept your old doctor saying "PSA of 3 is nothing".

These days, the depth of research has shown that there are now warning levels based on ages eg. 40-45, 45-50, 50-55 etc..

Remember my case where a new Doctor, demanding a Blood-Test for a new patient, literally saved my life by finding a PSA of just 5..
No signs, ... No Symptoms, ... Undetectable by an expert... ! ONLY confirmed by Biopsy. AND - When removed - the cancer specialist said I would likely have only had months before I would have been "Beyond Help"...

My old/retired doctor almost refused to accept that I had any problem with such a low reading of 5... :? .
The Finger
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