My Enviromower experience, all good

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Re: My Enviromower experience, all good

Postby moemoke » Thu Apr 09, 2015 10:24 pm

Thanks for the advice guys, I did some more tinkering with the mower and think I have fixed it, the initial problem I had was that I had 24v at the battery but none there after even when I connected straight from the battery to the motor, silly me thought it was the motor so I pulled that apart and couldn't see anything wrong so I tested it with motor out of mower, 24v at battery then hook up motor it drops to 0v. So I pulled the battery box apart (this is a plastic box with 2 12v 10ah agm batteries inside) and the jumper between the 2 batteries was corroded, replaced that and volia, goes again, yea. well so I though, went to mow my parents lawn with it and although it ran alright it didn't cut very well, for some reason the motor was going in reverse :? , so check the wiring which all seemed good, check that I had the batteries in the right way all ok. pull the motor out again, couldn't see any issues, put it back together and now it ran the right way.

Offgrid Qld, I have had the elec bug for years, probably inherited from my dad who build an electric scooter back in 1948 or so! It certainly is a bug that's hard to get rid of, I've always wanted an elec car, took a Tesla for a test drive last year and that has changed my outlook on all cars, just fantastic, I'm just waiting on a call from Mr Tattslotto before I can place an order.

Thanks for the controller link, might get one for another elec project that is not responding to common sense!
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