Power consumption figures

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Power consumption figures

Postby zzsstt » Wed Dec 09, 2009 10:29 am

In another thread I mentioned the possiblity of sharing data so we can learn what "works" without having to purchase a potentially useless item.

As a start to that process, I will post my measured power use figures for devices (both normal domestic items and any power saving gadgets I may investigate) in this thread. In the case of straight measurements of domestic items, I will add them to this post by editing, but for longer "reviews" I will make new posts.

Measurements are taken on a PowerMate. I will report use in kWh per year, for a varying load I will attempt an appropriate measurement to give kWh/year for normal usage when tested over 24 hours.

I encourage anybody who is interested to post their (measured) findings.

Item "On" "Off/Standby" Year Notes

Austar set-top box 12.6W 12.5W 110kWh Updated at night so no real "off"
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