Solar oven

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Solar oven

Postby eileen » Tue Oct 20, 2009 8:38 pm

Has anyone used a solar oven for either cooking or drying fruit? I bought one at the end of last summer and will be starting to use it once the weather warms up (Melbourne). We grow a lot of fruit and I hope to reduce freezer usage this year by drying as much as possible.
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Re: Solar oven

Postby franks » Wed Oct 21, 2009 6:10 pm

I built a solar food dryer for the boss, used a 1.5x1.5mtr thermosyphion solar collector (old rheem low pressure therosyphion collector got for a to do project) closed loop water with a small car radiator as the heat exchanger rubber hoses between the collector and radator
For the fan to circulate warm air in the dryer box, used a 30w PV and MPPT regulator (maximiser), motor 2 12v large computer fans (200mm), the fan of course worked when there was enough solar radition to start the thermophysion heating.
The dryer box size 800x800x900mm made of plywood and insulated with aircell foil and stryofoam, the radator and fans on the bottom of the inside of the box, on a sunny day its got over 80'c inside.
the food drying trays made with aluminian flywire and timber frame the trays slide in the box like shelfing.
I got the idea from a air solar food dryer design, but modified using the collector and car radiator as the heat exchanger.
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