hello and help

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hello and help

Postby gd327 » Mon Jun 10, 2019 3:48 pm

hello all,
I have been running a RAP5 48 PSA inverter with 12 250w panels and two 24v 250ah flooded pb traction batteries all sourced secondhand.

now for the help ?
can anyone help me identify my fault with my inverter (no longer supported by selectronic)
overnight DC voltage went low causing shut down.
inverter was powered down until battery bank was sufficiently charged via PV controller.
attempted to restart and all leds on the front panel lit up cycled through self test (all flashing)
stopped at error code 18h readback of I/O data faulty.
shutdown again checked all ribbon cables and pressed all removable ic's to ensure all firmly fitted
attempted restart again all led's lit up except top two (normal and on load)
did not go any further through self test. system had been running continuously for the past 5 years.

any help would be appreciated some one with knowledge of these units docs schematics or repairers preferably in SA.

thanks Steve
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