Hi from Tassie

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Hi from Tassie

Postby Ent » Tue May 28, 2019 9:49 pm

I have signed the contract and paid the deposit so waiting for the install of a solar system for my home. Been a real learning experience to understand the various hurdles and compromises. Some are fixed and others just drain the bank account more.

I had one thing I wanted, and yes it was a luxury item, but in order to survive the coming zombie apocalypse powering the home when to power off was on the list. Also, research suggested quality is a good thing with better long term performance. Given the installation is a significant cost I decide not to skimp or chase lower cost. Also as fate would have it roof space governed the number of panels so needed high efficiency panels to get to the full ten kilowatts allowed for single phase installs in Tassie

The system will be
29 Sunpower X21 345 Watts panels with 14 North and 15 Northwest facing on the roof pitched at 20 degrees.
2 Fronius inverters, one 4kw and one 6kw. Apart from dealing with the maximum potential 10kw of panels I was told I needed two to deal with power outages. Still getting my mind around that.
1 Tesla Powerwall 2
Connected to tariff 93 which is a single tarrif time of day.

The house has mains gas with central heater, oven and on demand hot water. Also four heat pumps. Plus a wood heater! As you may have gathered keeping warm will not be an issue. Put in underfloor insulation. Something you must do yourself to appreciate that saving money is not always a good idea.

The idea is if the battery works well and the panels perform as expected to think of second battery to toy with the idea of going off grid. But all my reading suggests this is a bridge too far.

So that be the system.

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