LED-backlit TV? Turn the backlight down!

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LED-backlit TV? Turn the backlight down!

Postby PNjunction » Thu Jul 30, 2015 5:42 pm

It may seem obvious to some, but unlike my own laptop where I turn the backlight down to save power, I never really considered it to do the same with my led-backlit tv!

You can verify it easily enough even with a consumer level meter like a P3 International Kill-A-Watt meter.

In my case, I was testing a backup satellite tv monitoring system, which was a simple system of nothing more than a large Optima Blue Top, a pure-sine-wave inverter to power the system.

When I turned the system on, I was running at about the max amount of led-backlighting pulling more than 100 watts. With the backlight just above zero, only 45 watts.

Certainly it is not ideal to watch in a very bright room, and I use the system for emergencies, but what was really apparent was the real power reduction even from a moderate decrease in backlighting without destroying viewing pleasure.

I actually got used to it, and after a few small adjustments for brightness to somewhat compensate, it is saving a lot of power for my non-battery usage now too.

So armed with a meter like the kill-a-watt, you can easily see what you can live with and how much power you can save.
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Re: LED-backlit TV? Turn the backlight down!

Postby Tracker » Wed Nov 04, 2015 2:19 pm

Did you ever find a solution..???

I often find our TV to be unnecessarily bright..

did you try GOOGLE??
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