VPhase - Yet another scam..?????

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Re: VPhase - Yet another scam..?????

Postby magbusser » Sun Feb 17, 2013 10:29 am

Interesting fact is that the test allegedly started months ago by rayza13 has no results reported as yet?????????
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Re: VPhase - Yet another scam..?????

Postby Geoff Bensley » Sun Feb 17, 2013 7:53 pm

I noticed that Coles Supermarkets have installed voltage regulators for the whole store.They are mounted after the metering and keep the voltage at 220 volts.The engineers installing them said that not only do they save money on electricity usage but extend the life of most of the electrical appliances ie motors,lights etc.
Since solar panels on individual buildings came in the line voltage has increased in some streets to levels not appreciated by some appliances.On cool days say 16 degrees when air con is not required and the solar panels are pumping out excess electricity I am finding line voltages of 255 volts.How do we know that the output limiter/cut out
on inverters are working after a power surge or lightning storm has gone thru?May be a dangerous situation in years to come.
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Re: VPhase - Yet another scam..?????

Postby Bse » Thu Mar 21, 2013 2:43 pm

Very interesting accusations flying around, if you have a look at all you appliances in your house the voltage specified will be between 220v - 230v. so what are we suppose to do with the voltage left over 10-20v? if we put it into our appliances they stress out electronics and motor runs faster, all out of their design criteria. Using more power and shortening the life of our equipment costing you more from your pocket. On top of all that the Vphase unit will sort out those power surges. As a PV designer / installer i look at the internal working of our inverters, they log all the voltages min and max values, I have had a high voltage of 310v and a low of 225v on the same system. The only scam is the grid that we have to put up with.
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