Good results from an 8 Star house on a nice hot day

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Re: Good results from an 8 Star house on a nice hot day

Postby Tracker » Sun Jan 08, 2012 7:44 pm

PeterReefman wrote:decided to get the feed as far forward as possible, so that the cool air could be dragged across the coils rather than just go straight up the back.

Well understood if it was an Under-Bottom Scroll-Condenser, BUT, the fridge that I see, does not seem to be..

Anyway, I think you got the drift of my interest. Nothing of issue, just of interest.
I'm looking forward to much smarter design across MANY fronts - basic house passive design for a start! Again - crazy

It will be interesting to hear your NEXT design goes. I can't help the feeling that the problem with wanting to "Feel-Green" is that you are never satisfied... "..and that worked well, but if I did it this way , I could do even better.."

Best of British ! ;)
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Re: Good results from an 8 Star house on a nice hot day

Postby PeterReefman » Fri Jan 27, 2012 8:20 pm

Thanks Tracker - never stop learning eh? I'd love to build a perfect 14sqr house with a solar-perfect oblique-gable roof.

Munre happy to help! Let me/us know how it goes.

Also (a little off-topic for this thread), we got our electricity bill today (Vic with a 3.4kW system and PFiT)... Over the last 97 days our Solar PV system made us $660! WELL on track for our $1k per year goal.

For a little more detail - in 97 days we imported 346kWh ($155 of wind electricity), and sold 1,232kWh ($814) of solar energy. Pretty happy with THAT!

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Re: Good results from an 8 Star house on a nice hot day

Postby eileen » Tue Jan 31, 2012 8:09 pm

Interesting how houses can remain cool without air conditioning.

We installed an HRV system about 2 years ago. Last year the maximum temperature inside our house was 27 (for one day only), minimum 13. We don't have air conditioning, fans, etc. We rely solely on the HRV to keep the place cool. This year the maximum temperature has reached 27, but only for a couple of hours. It will be interesting to see how high it gets in early February.

We do have heating in one room, the living room, but no-where else. The temperature in the main bedroom is the minimum mentioned above.
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Re: Good results from an 8 Star house on a nice hot day

Postby diema » Tue Apr 11, 2017 3:20 pm

[i][i]Tracker wrote

PeterReefman wrote:
I'm keen to upgrade the house's energy monitoring equipment (currently a single channel ENVI-r) to be able to have itemised real-time and historical consumption data

and, don't we all.!

My only gripe is that it can cost so much to get all the data, and it does not really make that much difference in the end... You are either using as little as you can or your are not trying hard enough.. :!: .... :lol:

I could only dream of ever seeing Under 10 !

Tracker, that is exactly the reason why you should install monitoring equipment that can measure the base load of the whole house. Without it you will not be able to get to very low usage numbers because you can not see the hard wired energy guzzlers like aircons, garage door motors, light sensors etc. They all have standby that adds up quickly. 80W standby us using 0.08kW*24h = 1.92kWh per day. A lot of homes have a base load much more than that.

An cheap whole house power meter like the efergy power meter or something else will do.
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