SMART home theatre power saver

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SMART home theatre power saver

Postby karlajensen » Sun Apr 10, 2011 4:15 pm

This exercise began some time ago with a switch on the supply to the powerboard double sided taped to the entertainment unit. Appeared to work OK.

Plasma lasted 3 weeks, the spikes caused by the kids constantly switching it on and off stuffed the TV :evil: .

No problems, time for a more efficient TV, bring on the 46" LED SONY TV, and it looks the biz and i'm very happy with it. But what to do with the switch?

As once bitten twice shy I elected to lash out and buy a new powerboard with automatic turn off of all the connected bits.

There are a few similar products on the market some using master and slaves but this one uses an IR sensor that you program to your TV's on button on the remote.

The energy saving is a measured 30W standby. product was just under $40 at bunnings.

$40 = (at 50/50 PFIT money vs night rate) @ 34c/KW/hr = 117,000W required to be saved

= 10.7 years to pay pack more if you dont have solar and less if your PFIT is more.

So why did I buy it? It has a built in surge arrestor too and its far cheaper than replacing the TV again.
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Re: SMART home theatre power saver

Postby Tracker » Tue May 03, 2011 3:39 pm

Same situation here...
I bought a similar board from ALDI, for $19.95 - I think.
( Been a good time since they ran that special )
It's a master/Slave board, where the TV is the master.
We have a TIVO that (unfortunately) runs 24/7 as it is continually programmed to record different programs.
This works for us , as we NEVER miss a wanted program, and it's only costing 23W in power.
The TV itself, cause activation of the rest of the system , ie. Amps, DVD, CD. etc.

The whole (Running) package draws 240W, but when the TV is turned off, it drops back to 23W , which is the TiVO only.

Unfortunately, I can't instantly tell you what the combined "Stand-By" is, but it clearly shows that you MUST NOT just walk away from your Home Theater and leave bits running..
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