Build by own 12v Lithium Battery.

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Build by own 12v Lithium Battery.

Postby Rod » Tue Aug 20, 2019 9:41 pm

Hi Everyone,

Second post so far, first one was introducing myself, i hope i have put this one in the correct section...

I am hoping this topic will help myself for now and in time any other people that might stumble upon it while researching there own setup.

My current second battery in my ute, 100AH AGM, has all but died, and in my quest to replace it i have decided to use a LifePo4 battery instead of a AGM due to weight and life expectancy (and all the other amazing benefits)

I understand that this will probably be an investment for the next 10 or more years, so i am happy to spend a few dollars protecting/looking after it.

I have read quite a few posts on this forum and information from a few sites, however most of the posts on here are at least 4 years old, i was hoping for some more up to date information.

I am keen to build my own 'battery' using 4 cells, so far I'm leaning towards 'Winston' cells due to there amount of advertised cycles.
Q1. - Which brand cells would you recommend for this application (rattling around in my ute)?
and does price affect it :?:

The next part of the build requires a form of cell balancing, individual cell monitoring with temp and voltage, the ability to isolate input and output to the cells via a relay, and the quantity of power being put in or out of the batteries (did i miss anything?)
I have found a smart BMS by "123electric'' called a ''123\SmartBMS' (
They seem to cover all of the list above and come with a price tag of $527.19 inc GST delivered and a 2 channel smart relay for $143.87.
Q2. - would you recommend this product and are there other options on the market that offer the same functions for similar price :?:

Now i think we are up to charging the cells, Given the price of the unit and the dual charging ability (dc-dc and solar MPPT) I am leaning towards an Enerdrive 40A Lithium charger ( ... -40a-plus/)
I believe i can alter the specific voltages for each charging stage(?) which i understand may be necessary if it doesn't already align with manufacturers specs.
Q3. - Do you think this charger is suitable? are there are other viable options?

As we discuss this further I'm sure I will have a few more questions :)

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Re: Build by own 12v Lithium Battery.

Postby australsolarier » Thu Aug 22, 2019 9:08 am

i think you are better off buying a ready made 12v lifepo4 battery something like this: ... Swi0Bcvra~

the bms is already built in, over and under voltage as well. do not buy "optimum" batteries, i ordered on. the plus/minus terminals were reversed, only 60ah of the advertised 130ah. whereas the solar king battery delivered what promised.
it will definitively be more expensive to build your own. unless you go something like 48v/400ah.
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