Strawbale Construction

Straw bale, adobe - heck, even car tires can be used to construct a solid, earth friendly, energy efficient house! Share your alternative building experiences and ask for advice here

Re: Strawbale Construction

Postby kesa32 » Wed Jun 29, 2011 4:29 pm

Hi Pressy , l too looked at straw walling too , as well as rammed earth and mudbtick etc....ended up doing solid stone walls ......all of them have there pro's and con's hey
If you search around you'll find open days where you can go through all these sorts of houses and get some great ideas and meet some really nice people who are only too keen to give helpful advice .......we also used to get the owner builders magazine for years which had some good stuff in it , a lot of the people building with straw bales tend to do post and beam contruction as it keeps the weather off as well as adding support for roofs , windows and doors............a few even just bought custom kit sheds and omitted the wall iron cladding and used straw/mudbrick etc to do the walling, you just have to make the required footings to suit.....very easy and quick solution hey :)
Good luck with which ever way it happens for you !
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Re: Strawbale Construction

Postby dweeze » Wed Jun 06, 2012 12:51 pm

Hi Pressy,

As others have stated, the main saving is in labour. If you are doing this with the (free) help of friends and family, you will come out ahead. If you employ a contractor to do your bale walls then it will likely cost similar amounts to any other wall system.

We stacked the bales for our house in the Strathbogie tablelands over Easter. It took 2 days to get approx. 200 bales up (with 10 able helpers) but it's taken us weeks since to get it to a state ready for render. Working bee was brilliant fun and awesome to see walls up in a weekend but quality control did suffer a bit and this has cost many days rectifying. I'd do it this way again though.

For us, where it's below zero most nights in winter, strawbale is the best option for insulation and cost. Besides, we just love the massive feel of the walls.

Good luck...
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