Skylights....any that pass Visible without IR?

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Re: Skylights....any that pass Visible without IR?

Postby inthehills » Fri Jun 10, 2011 8:21 pm

470rigby wrote:I have been looking (unsuccessfully) for a solution to the low light problem we have on hot days when the blinds are down and the drapes are drawn.

Our practice is to run the interior problem in hot days when the is a surplus of PV energy, but the "trouble & strife" has this thing about it being un-natural.

I have not been able to find Skylights that will pass light in the visible wavelenth range WITHOUT admitting infrared..which is not welcome in an un-airconditioned building on a hot day!

Anybody got any ideas on this?

REGENCY skylights in brisbane make a double glazed sky window in various sizes. I fiited 2 to an extension i did at our house at 1200mmx800mm no heat problems at all.
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