Selectronic install

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Selectronic install

Postby 34by151 » Mon Jan 02, 2017 8:59 am

We have an existing ABB PVI5000, diesel generator with ATS and Solar hot water.

Our plan was to add a Selectronic go 482 and 2 more 5kw ABB's on the new shed (15kw total)
After lots of hassle with Energex (no surprises there) we have decided to bypass them and setup the Selectronic off grid

We will go for the 482 with 400ah lifepo4 battery, new solar inverters and connect the generator
As we won’t connect it to the grid I won’t need the GO model

With his in mind I have a few choices re the solar.

1. Disconnect from the grid all together
Add 2 more PVI-5000’s (15kw total)

2. Leave the PVI5000 connected to the grid with no loads
Roughly 1/3rd of the export will be soaked up by connection charges but it will generate some income. I don’t have any real investment in this setup as it came with the house

Im leaning towards option 2.
With that in mind it begs a few questions

1. Do I go ABB or Fronius for the inverters?
2. I note that the Selectronic 482 has a 15kw solar limit. Can we get away with two Fronius 8kw units on the 482?
3. With Fronius connected to Selectronic, can the Fronius relays still be used?
4. Can I check if my installer is a “Selectronic Accredited Integrator”? Id like to make sure im getting the 10 year warranty as well as knowing they can program the system correctly.

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