advice please

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advice please

Postby BeeMee » Tue Aug 03, 2021 6:53 am

I have a 5kw unit with 22 REC solar panels and a Sunny Boy inverter. Its grid fed. I am in Qld if that assists in answering anything out of the ordinary.
Have had too many fools/idiots that I am sure are guessing. I need some straight answers.

My Question. At the back of our house there is a 7 metre long area and about 6 metres wide of roof that gets the afternoon sun.
Can I add another complete unit at the rear? Have another Inverter and panels, and have the whole lot off grid and feeding one or two battery storage units? The battery storage will feed the house in some areas, 1. An entertainment area where there is a fridge, a freezer, stove. 2. Also the garage and all the men's tools, drills, saws, welder, pedestal drill, and a lot more.
Basically 2 different setups and units.
And finally, Will Ergon be an ass and want their pound of flesh too? :evil:

Was going to move but covid screwed that up in an epic way, so am going to make this place fully operational and comfortable. Will have 4 air cons by the end of August instead of 2. Yep will be over capitalizing on the property but I wont be around when its sold and does not reach higher prices.
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