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Re: Not just another SUV

Postby Quokka2 » Wed Mar 25, 2020 9:11 pm

APR wrote:I'd be interested to get your feedback on how the Genasun charge controller is performing as time goes on and you can get a handle on it's performance.

Further to previous post, on closer examination I found the Genasun had blown a MOSFET (ground short) so is officially deceased. How it blew the MOSFET and the fuse as well remains one of life's eternal mysteries to me (the fuse was on the battery side, not the panel side as I had first thought). At least one of the batteries is also dead; not sure whether this is a cause, an effect, or totally coincidental (as they are old batteries).

Top marks to Genasun, who have been helpful throughout and have offered to replace under warranty. I look forward to getting my little SUV going again. :)
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