split phase motor wiring

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split phase motor wiring

Postby melmik » Sun Jan 15, 2017 10:45 am

Hi, just after a bit of info on a motor I have. I'm not doing any 240volt work on it myself, just trying to shortcut the process for the electrician.

It is a Crompark 230v, 180watt, 2.3A 1 phase motor attached to a pottery wheel. There is an Arrow brand (NZ) rotary switch which has 3 positions, centre to start the motor, and left or right for forward/reverse.

Attached to power and nothing happens, so unsure if switch or motor is cause.

Wiring is confusing and this is where I want to at least get an idea for the lecko.

Mains in is standard Aus blue/brown/earth. Motor has 5 wires. Green(with black shrinkwrap)/yellow/white/red/brown.

The motors green (with black cover) is attached to the same post/terminal as blue, so I'm assuming neutral.

There are 6 other posts with the mains brown (+ve in) attached to one by itself then the motors white, brown, red and yellow attached to others by themselves.

From my memories of split phase motors, they have a startup circuit and then either one or two other circuits for separate windings.

As a test I undid everything and attached the switch to 12volt to see if I could get any connectivity thru it using a multimeter. In the centre position, mains brown and motor green/mains blue posts gave me 12v, as you would expect. Turn switch to right and mains brown and the motor red wire post gave me 12v. Turn to left and mains brown and motor brown gave me 12v.

Couldn't get any other combinations to give me a reading. My guesswork is that red and brown from the motor, are used to control the direction and that maybe yellow and white are the motors positive wires for each winding?

Does anybody have any ideas of NZ split phase motor colour coding?

I suppose the lecko will be able to quickly test the motor itself once he determines the positive wire(s) (maybe yellow and white), but i don't want any magic smoke....and given the hourly rate, anything I can do to shorten the job will be great.

Thanks for any assistance anybody can offer.

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Re: split phase motor wiring

Postby davidg » Sun Jan 15, 2017 5:38 pm

A point to note there is NO positive in AC only Active & Neutral for single phase. DC is has positive and negative.

Single phase squirrel cage motors always have at least 2 winding's otherwise they will not work at all. As for reversing single phase motors I've not used one for many many years.

Here's a couple of links to examples of a "reversing motor" on single phase
http://ijyam.blogspot.com.au/2011/06/ru ... motor.html
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