Hello From Melbourne

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Hello From Melbourne

Postby GarbageIn » Wed Oct 05, 2016 2:41 pm

Hi All.
Have been an enthusiastic reader of various posts on this forum and am now joining.
Currently live in Melbourne but intend on moving out kilmore way in the next few years. (That's the dream :roll: )
Have a 1.5kw grid tie(a number of years) and a 12V 300Ah of old gels (with a 70W panel) running the led lights in the garage, (even more years of service).
Some days in winter I see a huge 0.4 of a amp hour for the day off the 70W panel ;)
Have just installed another 1Kw of panels, and have 16 Winston 130Ah LiFeYPO4 turning up in a week.
Have experience with LiFePO4 and lipo for electric bikes but a 6.6Kw battery should be interesting.
(Yes I know not big enough)

P.S (The panels will be wired to a grid tie when I do the tree change but right now they will be used with battery).

I figure I have about six months to create a CHP system for the winter months.
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Re: Hello From Melbourne

Postby Gordon-Loomberah » Wed Oct 05, 2016 3:06 pm

Welcome to the Energy Matters Forums GI :)

Yes winter can be very gloomy at times, with 110X (7.7kW) more PV than you (off-grid PV), my worst day this winter (and ever) saw only 19AH produced!

Are you planning on configuring your Winstons 16 in series? What do you have in mind for a charge controller and balancing system?
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Re: Hello From Melbourne

Postby GarbageIn » Sat Oct 08, 2016 7:13 am

Hi Gordon,
Yes 16 in series and a charge controller well that's more of a challenge.
I have some cheap stuff that I wish to try, the first one been a 800W boost MPPT.
But planed on opening a thread as there are many ways to skin a cat..
RE balancing well not planing on running a low SOC or going particularly high so hopeing they won't need active control.
However I'll be opening a thread on my LV cutout implementation and maybe arduino cell monitoring based around very old fashioned idea of DPDT relays to switch in individual cells to the aref of a microcontroller.
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