NBN/Sky Muster/Hills/Skymesh satellite internet

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NBN/Sky Muster/Hills/Skymesh satellite internet

Postby jules » Wed Jun 29, 2016 1:06 pm

This is the third satellite dish I've used here and it's a big improvement on past versions. To give the best news first, the "interim" service before this one used a one metre dish and delivered a download speed of ~4.5Mbps, an upload of ~.4Mbps with a ping of ~700. The NBN Sky Muster system delivers a down speed of 15-23Mbps, an upload of ~4Mbps with a ping of 600.

The Sky Muster system uses a much smaller, metal dish of about 500mm diameter. The support mount is very sturdy, particularly since it's supporting a fairly small dish. The modem [called an NTD = something terminal device :) ] uses about 40W though NBN estimate it can use up to 70W. It has a single, neat 50mm circular LED to indicate the mood of the NTD. It's capable of white, blue, amber and red colours along with flashing, which gives it a fair number of combinations.

Power consumption is always important here, so I checked with NBN about the advice in the handbook, that the modem should not be turned off. They do suggest though [in the handbook], that it should be turned off when cleaning the dish. I rang NBN to ask if it would be ok to turn the system off if, for example, I was away from home for a period. After a certain amount of referring to their tech people, they said this would be ok. In the past, I've turned my modem off at night and also at other time when there's been a prolonged lack of sun. I'm none the wiser as to the reasons why they want you to keep the system on all the time but failing full information, I might have to see what happens. Anyone here have an explanation for keeping them on??

Given the number of different organizations who are part of this installation there's potential for communication problems. I actually received a long and rather mad email from my server explaining in advance that they often got their wires crossed and indeed there were a couple of problems. 1) Some months ago I'd "ticked" the option for an ultra low voltage system but I was delivered a 240V one, when NBN didn't pass the info on to Hills. 2) Although I sent detailed instructions as to how to get here, they weren't passed on to the installation bloke, who got lost. 3) Hills operate on a don't call us, we'll call you basis so it's near impossible to communicate with them.

Overall the system is excellent though the volume of data I use is low and there are more restrictive volume limits than with urban connections. Time will tell if the speed holds up. There's a lot of connections still in the pipeline.
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Re: NBN/Sky Muster/Hills/Skymesh satllite internet

Postby Gordon-Loomberah » Wed Jun 29, 2016 1:41 pm

Interesting post Jules, I've recently signed up with ANT (based in Grafton) for satellite broadband, but since there is a 6 week waiting list for dish installation, it has not yet been installed. There were no options for the modem/router, so I'll just have to see what arrives. If it draws anything like 40W (1kWh/day), I'll be turning it off for a part of the night, perhaps 11pm to 6am, and at other times when it is not in use, at least in cloudy weather.
I'm pleased that the monthly data allowance is 50% greater for 2/3 the cost of what we have now.

I'm hoping it is a lot more reliable than my current wireless "broadband" with the big O, which has been increasingly unreliable in recent months (along with the phone signal), some days only working for brief periods of minutes at a time before dropping out again.
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Re: NBN/Sky Muster/Hills/Skymesh satellite internet

Postby jimbo » Fri Jul 01, 2016 9:49 pm

I'm still waiting to be hooked up. I'm on the existing system and its crap!
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